BMC#169341 - BMC Marble Problem Solvers



using a simple home polisher

Do you want to see your marble floor shimmering like new?

Don’t you want to call a sander craftsman because the room is small? or because he is too expensive?

Today there is good news: you can do this job yourself!

If you have an old polisher it will cost you very little and it will be a simpler job than you think!

Take your old polisher. It will be child’s play!

Tool the appliance with the right abrasive discs and start the job as a sander craftsman.

It will be very simple and not at all tiring.

In a short time your marble will be shining, like new.

Look here, with this old Folletto polishing machine I redid the floor of my warehouse-office. Here in the photo I am at the stage of polishing with the yellow powder mixed with water.

All you need is now included in a single product, BMC brand, the only Italian company specialized in “do-it-yourself” in the care and repair of marble.

With this kit anyone can get a professional level result! With a small cash outlay you can have a new floor.

Look here this photo you see the result of the first piece of polishing, made this way on a floor that was opaque and ruined. Three square meters, half an hour of work. Is not it fantastic?


Do you have more than one room to polish?

You can integrate the kit with the purchase of polishing powder only, and with the same abrasives you can polish many other rooms

Do you have to regenerate the stairs too? By this tools you can do it in a really easy way

enjoy it!