BMC was founded in the heart of the culture of Italian marble, the marble inside a company that knows more than half a century, he has learned to know and deal with natural stones imported from all over the world, they took away the secrets and knows how to take care of a few can do what.

BMC designs and implements solutions, systems and equipment for the care, restoration and repair of natural stones, totally oriented to ‘do it yourself’.

With the support of the know-how of the BMC approach to natural stone becomes easy for everyone and anyone who can really perform restoration professional level.

BMC disseminates information and techniques in the art of restoration and care of the natural stone guide in diagnosing problems and designing complete systems for small low-cost interventions that are specifically designed for fans of the ‘do it yourself’.

The range of BMC is not limited to natural stone but also covers the sphere of composite materials and man-made, such as terrazzo, ceramic, concrete.


BMC  by  Pietre d’Alpi,    Via Terranera 24a,   38065  Mori, Trento  – Italy

ph (39) 0464918142   Fax (39) 0464071087   bmc@marmi-pietre.com

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