This web site is a terrific platform support information for all the DIYers in the restoration of the natural stones, ancient and modern.

To do a good job of recovery and restoration of the natural stones FOLLOW THE PROCEDURE illustrated here below.

STEP 1 – Recognition and classification of the stone to be restored

You do not need to be geologists to give a name to a natural stone. Anyone we can try through the use of one or more databases of good photo of natural stones. Through an intuitive use of keywords can be crossed to get to visually track your stone and take note of its well-known technical or download it if possible.

STEP 2 – General diagnosis of the problems concerning the aesthetic and structural situation of the stone

May be present at the same time one or more different problems to solve. Depending on the complexity of the situation has to be drawn up a plan of action more or less articulated. For this purpose, must be made ​​the diagnosis and classification of all the problems of which it is possible to obtain the perception.

STEP 3 – Clean

The problems of removal of dirt from the stone face each performing a preliminary diagnosis of the phenomena of dirt that you encounter. Noting all the causes that led to the dirt we proceed to the planning of cleaning taking into account, inter alia, of their temporal sequence.

STEP 4 – Repair and restoration

Repairs and restoration affect the structural problems of the stone and are usually carried out after cleaning.

STEP 5 – Restoration of surface finish

After the cleaning and repair work must be planned interventions to restore the original surface finish.

STEP 6 – Surface Protection

Once the cycle of restoration is to be evaluated for the final phase protective surface treatment of the stone. This step is optional but strongly recommended if the stone remains in the same environment that has dterminato degradation.

INFORMATION – All necessary information is made ​​freely available on this site; but in case of need is our support always available.

MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT – The Most problems can be solved with substances and materials retrieval quite common.

PRODUCTS – Certain chemicals are mainly used at the professional level and can only be purchased in large quantities. In the case of interventions of limited size, BMC has made ​​little kit and packaging of chemical substances in single-dose tubes that allow you to solve the problem in no time and with little expense.